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5 February 2017
Who did shape a giant skull in heaven?
A cosmic curiosity, a mysterious correlation of the observed shape of the Laniakea structure with a shape of a skull of ancient giants inhabiting the Earth until a few thousand years ago. Are you interested in the story?
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11 February 2017
Beyond Fear and Rage; New Light from the Frontiers of Science and Spirituality
The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research has published its newest e-book.
One of the commenting persons is a member of the young generation, Nóra Csiszar, Institute’s Director for Communications and Public Relations. I answer here to her very interesting questions and comment her own message for our older generations.

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4 February 2017
The 2nd Winner is … Yehuda Hoffman and his astrophysical team.
for their newest discovery of the large structure motions in our Universe.
On the basis of the actually available observational data from their galaxy-mapper the team has suggested an additional source of this motion, which they have called “The dipole repeller“. In reality this large-structure motion is the most powerful direct proof of the existence of the Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System proposed by the Unified-Physics.
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23 January 2017
Dr Ervin Laszlo, “Following The New Paradigm”.
interviewed by Mirela Sula (Global Woman founder).
The newest example how clever questions result in a clear explanation of even the most difficult problems of humanity.
18 January 2017
The Winner is … the Silso-Group of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
Their recently published data of the solar activity allowed us to close the thirty-years old project of the Unified Physics, …
… the exact estimation of the birthday of our First Global Civilization. It was 1st November 1989.
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17 January 2017
Sensational observation of smiling Venus
explained from the New-Paradigm point of view.
To the beginning of 2017

The cosmic clock shows
the Solar Cosmic Time
since the Moon’s formation.
(

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